Welcome to the website for Mid Town Owners Association, Inc. in Lafayette, CO.  This website is designed to distribute information regarding the ongoing business of the Association, along with a repository for documents of the Association.

Homeowners are encouraged to register for an account on the Homeowner Login page.  Once an account has been created, email notifications will be sent with updates when new information is posted on the HOA News page.  E-Mail addresses and other contact information will not be shared with anyone, and will only be used for official HOA business.

BOARD MEETINGS: Meetings of the Board of the HOA are held on an “as-needed” basis.  Meeting dates/locations will be posted to this website once meetings are scheduled.  All homeowners are welcome to attend all Board meetings.

ANNUAL MEETINGS: Meeting dates/locations will be posted to this website, notices mailed to each homeowner once meetings are scheduled.  All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings.

HOA ASSESSMENTS: Assessment statements are sent to all homeowners in December and June of each year.  Assessments are due in January and July.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: If you are a real estate agent with questions related to the sale/transfer of a property, please contact Foster Management at (303) 532-4148.


The Association is managed by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  For questions regarding the operations of the Association, please contact the Board Directly by email to [email protected].  Email messages are monitored by the Board.  A Board member will be in contact with you within a few days of your message.

The accounting for Mid Town Owners Assoc. is performed by Foster Management.  Please contact Foster Management using the information below to answer any questions that you may have regarding individual accounts.

Telephone            (303) 532-4148 Main /  (720) 699-9032 Direct
FAX                       (888) 697-8805
Postal address     700 Ken Pratt Blvd – #111, Longmont, CO 80501
Electronic mail     [email protected]